An integrative data‑driven approach for monitoring corn biomass under irrigation water and nitrogen levels based on UAV‑based imagery


Share | 09/29/2023

Abstract: Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)-based remote sensing has been widely considered recently in field scale crop yield estimation. In this research, the capability of 13 spectral indices in the form of 5 groups was studied under different irrigation water and N fertilizer managements in terms of corn biomass monitoring and estimation. Farm experiments were conducted at Urmia University, Iran. The research was done using a randomized complete block design at three levels of 60, 80, and 100% of irrigation water and nitrogen requirements during four replications. The aerial imagery operations were performed using a fixed-wing eBee UAV equipped with a Sequoia sensor during three plant growth stages including stem elongation, flowering, and silking. The effect of different irrigation water and nitrogen levels on vegetation indices and crop biomass was examined using variance decomposition analysis. Then, the correlation of the vegetation indices with corn biomass was evaluated by fitting linear regression models. Based on the obtained results, the indices based on near infrared (NIR) and red-edge spectral bands showed a better performance. Thus, the MERIS terrestrial chlorophyll index (MTCI) indicated the highest accuracy at estimating corn biomass during the growing season with the R2 and RMSE values of 0.92 and 8.27 ton/ ha, respectively. Finally, some Bayesian model averaging (BMA) models were proposed to estimate corn biomass based on the selected indices and different spectral bands. Results of the BMA models revealed that the accuracy of biomass estimation models could be improved using the capabilities and advantages of different vegetation indices.


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Authors: Farid Feizolahpour, Sina Besharat, Bakhtiar Feizizadeh, Vahid Rezaverdinejad, Behzad Hessari
Associations: Urmia University in Iran


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