AgEagle Announces Enhancements to Measure Ground Control, Designed to Support and Manage Autonomous Drone Operations of Any Scale

WICHITA, Kan., May 13, 2022 — AgEagle Aerial Systems Inc. (NYSE American: UAVS) (“AgEagle” or the “Company”), an industry-leading provider of full-stack drone, sensor and software solutions for commercial and government/defense use, today announced new and enhanced technological features and capabilities of Measure Ground Control, helping to drive greater value from autonomous drone operations for enterprise customers and professional drone service providers spanning a wide range of industries.

Offered as Software-as-a-Service, Measure Ground Control continues to earn the trust and fidelity of its blue chip, industry-diverse customers by providing a single platform to automate flight management systems safely and securely; easily manage drone programs of any scope and scale; and process, analyze and share drone-captured image data and visualization necessary for assessing risks, improving workflow processes and achieving time and cost efficiencies across enterprises of virtually any size. With the aim of empowering AgEagle’s customers to readily extend their reach and human capability through adoption of scalable autonomous drone programs, Measure Ground Control users can:

  • Plan missions via KML files or build a grid or waypoint flight; check airspace for LAANC authorization and confirm local weather conditions are favorable.
  • Fly with GPS-aided manual control or automated grid and waypoint patterns, and push web-based flight plans to mobile devices for ground-based in-field control – all with a simple, easy-to-use flight interface.
  • Capture raw data and live streaming field images with multispectral cameras, like AgEagle’s RedEdge-P™ and Altum-PT™, and automatically convert into organized map indices and composites; or fly an RTK-enabled drone for improved post-flight processing.
  • Process captured imagery into high-quality data products and photogrammetry, and create orthomosaics, digital surface models and contour maps; or upload GCPs with user’s maps for increased accuracy.
  • Analyze drone data or view orthomosaics and other 2D data files on an interactive, account-wide map.
  • Collaborate and support operations with detailed information about missions, including flight logs with screen shots, playbacks and incident flagging; and efficiently manage equipment and workflows with automatic usage tracking capabilities.
  • Benefit from Measure Ground Control’s obsession to deliver industry-leading, customer-centric support and service.

While AgEagle’s origins are rooted in Agriculture, its ‘Ag’ distinction now more closely correlates to the Company’s ‘agnostic’ approach to serving the global autonomous robotics industry through delivery of solutions that help its customers achieve specific goals and objectives from their respective drone operations.

“Ground Control was literally built from the ground-up, working closely with customers to intimately understand their unique needs, frustrations and challenges and to solve real human problems. As a result, our performance-driven software platform avails scalable, autonomous drone programs that are incredibly easy to deploy and manage and from which our customers’ can aggregate vast amounts of data and deep insight necessary to make important, well-informed decisions in their day-to-day business operations – be it an Energy, Infrastructure, Agriculture or other commercial enterprise,” stated Barrett Mooney, Chairman and CEO of AgEagle.

Continuing, Mooney said, “Ground Control can be readily and affordably integrated into existing processes and IT systems – and integrated with the latest advancements in drone hardware, sensors and tools – facts which we view are central to our software’s ultimate value proposition for current and future customers. Moreover, in addition to our working towards ensuring that Ground Control works seamlessly with AgEagle’s growing line of US government approved fixed wing drones and sensors, we also welcome opportunities to collaborate with other leading drone solutions companies on integration initiatives to help push the limits of autonomous flight in industries where commercial drone programs are having pronounced impact on business economics, workforce safety and workflow efficiencies.”

Measure Ground Control is currently compatible with DJI’s Inspire, Mavic, Matrice, Phantom and Spark branded drones; as well as Parrot’s Anafi, Anafi Thermal and Anafi USA drones. Native U.S.-made apps, equipment and other tools supported by Ground Control include RedEdge-MX, Wing’s Open Sky, Pix4D, Scopito, AirMap, Azure and AWS storage servers. Ground Control also provides for a robust API that allows for the integration of many other in-house programs and third party solutions, including ESRI (ArcGIS), QGIS, Power BI, Salesforce, CHEQROOM and others.

For sales information on Measure Ground Control or to discuss collaborative technology integration opportunities, please contact

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