About Us

Empowering The Drone Age™

AgEagle is engaged in creating drones for commercial use – but we also do much more.  We also enable the capturing, imaging, editing and analyzing of images and data captured by drones; and we are intent on empowering commercial drones to be used for delivery services of goods.  Founded in 2010, AgEagle is one of the nation’s leading commercial drone technology, services and solutions provider.  Our daily efforts are focused on delivering the metrics, tools and strategies necessary to define and implement drone-enabled solutions that solve important problems and provide new perspective on achieving critical objectives.

AgEagle’s key growth strategies are centered on three focused pursuits:

  • Contract Manufacturing: establishing AgEagle as the dominant commercial drone design, engineering, manufacturing, assembly and testing company in the United States;
  • Drone Solutions: establishing AgEagle as the world’s trusted source for turn-key drone delivery services and solutions; and
  • Ag Solutions: leveraging our reputation as one of the leading technology solutions providers to the Agriculture industry with best-in-class drones and data analytics for hemp and other commercial crops.

While our business is powered by technologies that allow us to soar above the Earth’s surface, our belief systems and core values are firmly rooted in making a positive difference in the lives of those we serve, partner and share the world.

Leadership Team

Brandon Torres Declet

Chief Executive Officer and Director

Nicole Fernandez-McGovern

Chief Financial Officer & EVP of Operations

Matt Martin

Vice President of Operations

Scott Lumish

Senior Vice President of Sales and Business Development

Jesse Stepler

President at Measure

Justin McAllister

Vice President of Research and Development at MicaSense

Career Opportunities

Our corporate recruiting team focuses on identifying, acquiring and retaining the most talented professionals within our industry and beyond. We look to engage with experienced candidates from across the country and around the world who share our commitments to our brand’s global vision and diversity. In addition to sourcing top technical and area-specific talent, our team is dedicated to maintaining our one-of-a-kind corporate culture rooted in passion, collaboration, curiosity and optimism.

If you’re interested in exploring the next step in your career, joining AgEagle’s brand evolution and participating in our growth, check back often to see postings for available positions that we are looking to fill.

Vice President of Engineering | Measure Global
Austin, Texas

Product Manager | Measure Global
Washington, D.C. or Austin, Texas

Senior iOS Developer | Measure Global
Washington, D.C. or Austin, Texas

DevOps Engineer | Measure Global
Washington, D.C. or Austin, Texas

Customer Support Technical Associate | Measure Global
Washington, D.C. or Austin, Texas

Director of Government Affairs
Washington, D.C.

Marketing Coordinator | AgEagle
Denver, CO; Austin, TX; Washington, D.C. or Seattle, WA

VP of People | AgEagle
Washington, DC, or Seattle, WA

Senior Software Engineer | MicaSense
Seattle, Washington