Leadership Bio

Edouard Rosset

Executive Vice President of Technology

Upon senseFly being acquired by AgEagle in October 2021, Edouard was named Head of Research and Development and Head of Operations of senseFly, the world’s leading fixed wing drone company. In April 2022, he was promoted as AgEagle’s Executive Vice President of Technology, tasked with managing the Company’s global product research and development operations.

Prior to the acquisition, he served as Chief Technology Officer of senseFly where he led the Company’s design, engineering and development of senseFly’s pioneering line of e-Bee-branded fixed wing drones since September 2020.  

Previously, he spent eight years at Parrot, a leading European drone group offering equipment, services and software to three primary verticals: 3D mapping, surveying and inspection; defense and security; and agriculture. Beginning in 2014, he served as an R&D engineer and rose through the ranks to ultimately become Propulsion Team Leader. During his tenure, he worked on the propulsion components of the successive generations of Bebop1 and Bebop2, minidrones (Mambo, Rolling-Spider), fixed wing (Disco and Disco Ag), professional quadcopter (BlueGrass) and Anafi (Anafi, Anafi Thermal, Anafi USA and Anafi AI).


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