Our innovative HempOverview platform elegantly marries the simplicity of a web-based data collection and management app with the power of map-based aerial imaging technology. State administrators and growers are now able to connect, share, maintain proactive communications and collaborate on developing best practices for hemp cultivation registration, compliance and enforcement. Benefits include lower program management costs, new revenue channel development, real- or near real-time remote oversight of hemp fields, and much more.

Specifically, our HempOverview solution provides:

  • User-friendly web-based interface for registration, permitting and immediate online payment and payment processing
  • Secure, authenticated log-in controls and centralized reporting functions
  • Access to both low- and high-resolution remote sensing solutions using satellite, aerial and drone technologies for viewing and monitoring of hemp field operations
  • Direct connectivity allowing regulators to communicate with individual growers through integrated text messaging and emailing capabilities
  • The ability to push notifications to growers to remind them to amend planting or harvest times, if/when applicable, or schedule inspections and CBD/THC testing
  • Automated algorithmic change detection, auto-alerting regulators of suspected problems and/or when fields change status, such as field is cut between overpasses, field loses sections, field boundaries do not coincide with details provided in registration and/or planting reports, and planting and harvesting windows do not comply with reported planting and harvesting timelines
  • The ability to remotely confirm registered field details are consistent (or inconsistent) with state compliance requirements and the related data is directly tied to a state department of agriculture database, and/or other data collection resource through API connectivity – among other details, data collected would include GPS coordinates of fields, including field boundaries and proximity of fields to residential developments, schools or other geo-sensitive areas
  • The ability for growers to upload UAV imagery to the platform to support compliance with government inspection requirements
  • An in-app annotation feature for adding notes and uploading pictures taken during on-site inspections
  • Remote visibility into a single hemp field, visibility into multiple fields specifically selected for view, or global visibility of all hemp fields in operation with the state or territory