To date, FarmLens has processed more than 2 million acres of crops, analyzing data from over 50 countries and 53 different crop types, and creating 11,000+ comprehensive crop reports.

Used as a PC-based system or on any mobile device, FarmLens is one of the industry’s leading drone-enabled agricultural intelligence solutions that identifies areas of concern in crop fields and rapidly returns reliable health maps, tailored for agricultural applications. Whether using one of AgEagle’s proprietary fixed wing drones or another type of drone, FarmLens can stitch and process images from nearly any drone equipped with a near infrared sensor. Our integrated image processing and analytic services save time and eliminates technological hassles and costly computing requirements.

Among its robust features and capabilities, FarmLens enables users to:

  • Plan a full day of drone-image collection, pilot their drone(s) and review actual flight details;
  • Convert drone images into crop health indicators;
  • Directly input data for sustainability scores – in fact, users can access their sustainability scorecard in real-time enabling them to visualize the impact of individual field decisions on their overall sustainability objectives;
  • Upload chemical application receipts to enable efficient tracking of products when digital application data layers are not available;
  • Upload field scouting images to the FarmLens platform;
  • Access real-time weather conditions and satellite imagery;
  • Export auto-created zone maps; and
  • Seamlessly share actionable data with other members of their team in real-time across both mobile and standard messaging platforms.