Leadership Bio

Thomas Gardner

Independent Director

Tom has served as a member of the Board since June 2016. Since 2015, he has served as Managing Partner of NeuVentures Inc, an early-stage technology investment company. Prior to NeuVentures, Tom served as Director and COO at NeuEon, Inc., a technology advisory consulting firm, where he oversaw strategy and operations. Prior to that role, he held various leadership roles including VP Operations – Americas for a Global Translation Services company, CIO for a Financial Services Company, CIO for a European Telecommunications company, and various leadership roles in the consulting industry.

Tom has extensive experience in the areas of business and technology leadership across many industries, including technology, financial services, manufacturing, telecommunications, and consumer goods. Within these sectors, he has specific expertise in the areas of process improvement, digitization and standardization, mergers and acquisitions, system implementations, enterprise resource planning and work-force optimization. Tom holds a dual Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Management from Bryant University.

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