Drone Solutions

“New aerial technologies are set to play a major role in an economy looking for innovative ways to meet the demands of the coronavirus – and looking toward a global reset… The technology is ready and the mechanisms for oversight are catching up – out of necessity.  At a time when society needs drones the most, the Golden Age of drones is finally coming.”  Forbes | June 25, 2020

AgEagle is empowering The Drone Age™ through the delivery of hands-on experience and expertise in pioneering unmanned aerial systems and solutions for a wide range of industries – industries which can materially benefit from the proven environmental, safety and cost benefits afforded by commercial drone use.

Drone Delivery

Increasing demand for faster delivery in the transport and logistics industry is fueling capital investments in drone delivery initiatives across several sectors, including  delivery of consumer packages, food, healthcare supplies and heavy cargo, among other payloads.

Since 2019, AgEagle has been actively engaged in the custom manufacturing and assembly of drones used for the testing and refining of a world leading ecommerce company’s commercial drone small package delivery vehicles, systems and operations. As a result, we are uniquely positioned to collaborate with other organizations seeking to activate and accelerate adoption of end-to-end drone delivery solutions to drive new and differentiated value creation in their business-to-business or business-to-consumer operations.


AgEagle offers comprehensive drone testing based on existing regulatory requirements, safety standards and testing protocols. Our approach to testing serves as a framework to verify the performance, safety and quality of drones or subcomponents under intended use conditions.

We have experience designing tests that cover structural safety, functional flight safety, mechanical and electrical safety, general performance strengths and weaknesses, propulsion system safety and performance. Our quality control testing programs can be customized to meet the specific testing needs of our clients.

We offer our testing and inspection services at our state-of-the-art facility in Wichita, Kansas.

Research and Development

In order to propel functional commercial applications of drone solutions in real world, real-time environments – and to best aid in the determination and ultimate adoption of a regulatory framework to guide and direct mainstream commercial use of drones beyond the line of sight, AgEagle is a proponent for and lead participant in a number of active and planned pilot projects.

Through these projects, we are and will continue to prove and demonstrate key capabilities and benefits made possible through advanced unmanned aerial systems technologies.

AgEagle welcomes opportunities to collaborate with federal, state and municipal government agencies, academic institutions and enterprise partners to develop and implement pilot projects for innovative new commercial drone applications.

Drone Leasing

AgEagle offers an innovative drone leasing program to customers seeking to benefit from the use of advanced aerial imagery-based data collection and analytics solutions in their business operations, thereby alleviating significant upfront costs associated with purchasing a drone and related equipment.

Our affordable leasing program provides for the custom-configuration and assembly of each drone solution to meet specific use requirements; and covers ongoing maintenance and support of the drone and related imaging sensors to ensure safe, reliable flight performance.  In addition, leasing customers have the option to engage trained AgEagle pilots to operate our leased drones and manage the entire image collection process, creating a true turnkey aerial imagery capture solution for our customers.