Drone Manufacturing

Wichita, Kansas, the “Air Capital of the World,” is home to AgEagle’s corporate headquarters and world class manufacturing, assembly, design, engineering, prototyping and testing operations.  With emphasis on quality manufacturing practices and highly collaborative client relations, we can be trusted to deliver end-to-end contracted services and solutions for the production of drones, subcomponents and drone-related equipment for commercial use at competitive costs.

Manufacturing & Assembly

Companies demanding quality, high performance contract manufacturing and assembly services need to look no further than AgEagle. We have earned distinction as an early pioneer in the design, development, manufacturing and assembly of commercial use unmanned aerial systems.  Our team fully leverages our experience and expertise in drone system engineering and manufacturing  to meet and exceed our clients’ stringent expectations for on-time, on-budget, end-to-end project management and delivery.

With a goal of earning and maintaining your trust and reliance, AgEagle is dedicated to meeting the highest possible manufacturing quality standards and is working to become ISO9000 and AS9100 certified, as well as certified to customer unique quality requirements.

Moreover, we take our responsibility for keeping intellectual property safe and protected and have instilled security and quality systems, measures and processes to ensure that it is never compromised.

Drone Fuselages:

  • Multirotor
  • Fixed Wing
  • Hybrid

Drone Subcomponents:

  • Motors/Propulsion Systems
  • Motor Mounting Frames
  • Sensors/Payload Mounting Frames
  • Cooling Systems
  • Landing Gear
  • Battery Boxes
  • Battery Chargers
  • Battery Monitors
  • Firmware

Ancillary Drone Support Equipment:

  • Drone Mailboxes
  • Drone Catch Systems
  • Shipping Containers
  • Tethered Testing Systems

Custom Design & Engineering

At AgEagle, we take great pride in our team-focused culture, providing a unique environment for our talented engineers and industrial manufacturing experts to share and build upon their collective passion for advancing the commercial use of drone technologies.

Encouraged to be innovators and out-of-the-box thinkers, our design and engineering team is involved in every step of the product creation cycle from specifications intake and design customizations to testing and preparation for scaled, fully optimized manufacturing and commercialization.

To unlock the possibilities for your drone technologies, we use computer modeling software which can help turn your concept into an interactive, three dimensional digital rendering.  As we progress our collaborative processes, the 3D model continues to evolve, allowing us to generate the data we need for prototyping and manufacturing.  In addition, most drone and subcomponent hardware development projects require mechanical engineering to prototype and manufacture a working product.  Our team is dedicated to designing and engineering your product to exacting standards, no matter how simple or challenging.

Proprietary Fixed Wing Drones

AgEagle RX-60

The most durable, lightweight (7 pounds), professional-grade aerial imagery collection technology on the market, capable of pinpointing areas of crop stress before they can be seen by the naked eye.

Electric-powered and encased in carbon fiber, the RX-60 is designed to fly up to 60 minutes and can capture virtually thousands of high resolution NIR/ NDVI aerial images and cover up to 400 acres on a single battery charge.

AgEagle RX-48

Smaller than the RX-60 but no less rugged and reliable, the hand-launched RX-48 weighs in at only four pounds and is constructed of highly durable polypropylene material covered with a composite layer of extruded polypropylene and carbon fiber rods embedded in the wing and fuselage.

The RX-48 was designed to cover a minimum of 250 acres per battery charge. Equipped with true NIR (Near Infrared) global shutter sensors that are capable of extremely accurate prescription maps.