Landslide mapped for disaster management


Share | 03/31/2022

Dataset Information

Ground Resolution:

1.6 cm / 0.6 in


2,523 km2 / 252 ha / 623 ac

Number of images:


Processing time


These orthomosaic, digital surface model (DSM) and point cloud are one of the outputs generated during the survey of a 14 meters deep landslide. The colossal size of the cracking alerted experts to respond quickly in order to prevent the slope from sliding off completely and consuming the nearby road network. The Georgian National Environmental Agency mapped the landslide with the eBee X drone and Aeria X camera, and processed it with PIX4Dmapper. Thanks to the maps generated with the drone data, the team of experts could study the volume, curvature and movement of the landslide, to detect its direction, type, velocity, depth, and at the same time identify cracks and flow accumulation. Read the case study here.

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