RedEdge processing tutorial


Share | 11/16/2017

Raw data and reflectance map

Ultimately most Micasense series RedEdge users want to calibrate raw images from the camera into reflectance maps. This can be done using off-the-shelf software from third parties, but you are here because there is no fun in that! While we know multispectral sensors and agricultural data analysis, we know that you’re experts in your field too. So we’ve written a tutorial to show programmatically-minded users how to convert RedEdge data from raw images to radiance and then to reflectance.

Available on our GitHub, the tutorials are written using Python3. Python has great library support for image processing through libraries such as OpenCV, SciKit Image, and others. Although this tutorial has been tested on Windows and Linux, it is likely to work on other platforms (with a little extra legwork).

We’re always looking ahead to see how we can make our products even better and how we can help you discover and innovate the future of agriculture. So please reach out to us anytime. We’d love to hear more about what you are developing!

View the tutorial and get started!

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