Kansas-based, AgEagle Aerial Systems, Inc. (“AgEagle”) is a leading FAA 333 exempt provider of state-of-the-art Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) data acquisition drones for precision agriculture. AgEagle's drone technology is able to easily and quickly capture aerial images of crop health. The resulting prescription map identifies areas of stress – from disease to pests to improper irrigation –days before they can be seen by the naked eye! Equipped with AgEagle, precision growers are able to utilize their equipment more efficiently, reduce input cost, increase crop yields and minimize environmental impact.



AgEagle was a cooperative effort between founder Bret Chilcott and Kansas State University.  In 2011, K-State was working to merge small radio controlled airplanes and near infrared photo image technology to determine crop health.  Bret and the professors soon realized that farmers would benefit from this effort and AgEagle was created to serve that market.


By 2012, Bret completed the first prototype of AgEagle and took the prototype throughout the corn belt meeting with farmers and agronomists to see if they thought the AgEagle could help them. Interest was extremely high and by the fall of 2013, the first AgEagle drone was sold. Since that time, the AgEagle company has continually grown with dealers now across the United States.  Scores of AgEagles have been sold in the US, Australia, Canada and Brazil.


Our core technological capabilities, developed through these years of innovation, include an extremely tough carbon fiber encased and infused air frame that can challenge flying conditions that ground our competitors.  The AgEagle NIR camera features a proprietary index filter that is the envy of the industry. Best of all, the AgEagle can provide quality stitched geotagged images while the operator is still in the field!  This has led from being a pioneer to now being a leader in precision agriculture UAV.

“The prefered ag drone by professional agronomists”



AgEagle dealers are passionate about precision agriculture and equally passionate UAV precision agriculture service, and helping other growers realize the benefits of using robotic aircraft technology.  Not only do they help others realize the value of the technology, but they also provide service after the sale.  Friendly local support from AgEagle dealers will keep you realizing the benefits of the technology for years to come.

The AgEagle will be a dependable component of a precision agriculture program for a wide range of farm and ranch applications. To learn more about how the AgEagle can help increase the yield of your crops, please drop us a note under the contact us tab.


Backed by a team of agribusiness experts with keen insight on and strong ties to the farming community.


Bret founded AgEagle in 2013 as a spin off of Kansas State University research project. Prior to founding the Company, Mr. Chilcott held sales and marketing positions with Cessna Aircraft and Cobalt Boats. In addition, he led product Development & Engineering for Snap-on for 12 years.

Bret Chilcott

CEO + Founder

Tom has been involved with Bret and AgEagle since the Company’s inception. He brings over 25 years of experience in marketing, communication, and sales to the team.

Tom Nichol

Business Development


Hometown of Neodesha supports our industry and has been instrumental in propelling AgEagle forward.


Neodesha supports industry and has been instrumental in propelling AgEagle to becoming the dominate agricultural robotic aircraft manufacture. Please take a look at the video link below to see a short video about Neodesha, Kansas.