AgEagle expands precision agriculture in Australia

03 Nov AgEagle expands precision agriculture in Australia

FALCON UAV has released its latest AgEagle drone, the RX48, for collecting ­images to determine crop health.By setting a flight plan, users can map a paddock for inspection and the drone will then fly in a racetrack or lawnmower pattern over the field while photographing it.  The camera scans crops and takes images that are then converted to maps, via a normalized difference vegetation index that shows hot spots to help pinpoint crops under stress.  Because plants absorb and reflect radiation, in the near ­infra-red spectrum, there is a specific numeric value for the relative health of a plant, so NDVI will locate problem areas.  Falcon UAV chief executive Phil Lyons said the drone was popular with agronomists and farmers seeking a faster and cost-efficient method to check and improve a crop’s health.  “By using the NDVI they can pinpoint an area that is under stress and then save on fertiliser costs by focusing only on the problem areas,” Mr Lyons said.

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