Debunking “false NDVI” Don’t be fooled!

07 Nov Debunking “false NDVI” Don’t be fooled!

There are some companies in our industry that will tell you anything to try to get your business.  Even some so called “experts” stretch the truth to make a sale.  This is not the way we do business at AgEagle.  We will always tell our customers and potential customers what our product will do and more importantly, what it won’t do.   To determine crop health from a UAV requires a special sensor that can detect the amount of infrared light reflected off of the leaves of a plant.  NIR (Near Infrared) sensors are the industry standard and is what is required to accurately detect plant health.  Some companies in our industry lead customers to believe that through wizardry called “False NDVI” that a normal color camera (RGB) can be used to accurately detect plant health.  This is like a doctor telling you that a Polaroid photo will work just as well as an X Ray when you have a medical condition.  As the old saying goes, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

If you are considering investing in a drone / UAV and the company is telling you that their RGB color sensor is “good enough,”  you should get a second opinion.  Decisions made from false NDVI images can be detrimental to your crops yield.

Please see the document below for complete information:

Value in the Near Infrared, debunking false NDVI


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