Estimating rooftop solar power potential with drones


Share | 04/06/2023

Dataset information


2,136 ha / 5,281 ac

Flight software:





5 - 6 cm / 1.96 - 2.39 in

Processing software:



Orthomosaic, DSM, DTM

Flight information

Type of mission:

Multi-drone, operations over people (OOP)


Bulgaria, Sofia


eBee X



Data provided by:

Geographica Ltd.

Bulgarian GIS and spatial solutions company, Geographica, was commissioned by the Municipality of Sofia in 2021 to gather data to be used for two different projects:

1. Estimate the rooftop solar power potential of the city
2. Calculate the number of trees and green areas in each neighborhood.


The company was able to collect 2,136 ha / 5,281 ac of data in only 6 hours by flying two eBee X drones with S.O.D.A. cameras in a multi-drone mission managed in eMotion flight planning software.



  • Safe flights over people in Sofia, with a population of 1,284,000 (2021).
  • Roof measurements (from DSM and orthomosaic) to analyze the opportunity to install photovoltaic panels.
  • Area calculations and tree counts for each green zone in the city of Sofia, without the need for lidar data.
  • Multi-use dataset for further use in several other city projects
  • Safe flights in the surroundings of the country’s main airport
  • Reduced data capture time by 50% by flying multi-drone missions simultaneously
  • Reduced insurance costs of the multi-drone approach
  • Another successful project cementing the company’s collaboration with the municipality and government


 Learn more about the challenges and the ROI of the project in this webinar

*Please note that, due to the large scale of the project, the dataset contains only a fraction of the entire data.

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