The AgEagle RX60 is the most durable, lightweight, professional-grade drone technology on the market. Electric-powered and encased in carbon fiber, the RX60 is capable of 45 to 60 minutes of flight. The RX60 can capture aerial NIR /NDVI aerial maps of 300 acres or more per flight making it an ideal solution for day-to-day image acquisition for precision agriculture growers and agronomists.

Carbon Fiber “Flying Wing”

Although most of the focus is on what information the images can provide, a camera must be taken aloft in a platform that’s stable and dependable. What makes the AgEagle unique is it’s built “tractor tough” and ready for daily farm and field use. Unlike most other aerial systems, the AgEagle has an outer hardened carbon fiber shell that can take a beating.  Infused and encased in a hand laid covering of premium carbon fiber cloth, the AgEagle will be flying for many seasons. The AgEagle Longbow launcher makes each and every launch safe and accurate.


NIR Sensors

Highly modified GoPro


  • GoPro
  • Non fisheye lens
  • NIR filter
  • SD memory card

Easy-to-Create Flight Plans

Simply click around the the field your wish to fly and the scan pattern is automatically created.  You can adjust for altitude, path width and other details quickly and easily.

Since the AgEagle can and will fly in just about any windy condition (we have flown it in Kansas winds of over 30 MPH), the AgEagle flies a cross wind pattern for best image results.

Automatic Flight

The flying and landing is just as easy as the planning because the RAPID practically flies itself. It automatically launches, flies the scan pattern and lands totally hands free. No need to worry about where to land; Just land the AgEagle in the crop or a grassy area.  To the AgEagle, a wheat, corn or soybean field is like a sea of pillows! It’s made to land in the crops. This is why customers trust our wing to carry aloft expensive sensors and cameras.

In-Flight Image Processing (optional – coming soon!)

No more wasted time manually stitching images or suffering through the painstaking process to geo-reference images. The AgEagle RX60 does all the processing within minutes of flying (with appropriate subscription), so you will have a NIR preview that lets you immediately see any areas of concern with your crops! You don’t have to leave the field to upload images to a big computer. No hours lost waiting for completed mosaics. No having to return to the field the next day. Get your image work done NOW! Time is money on the farm!  The AgEagle RX60 automates images and makes it easy.

Here’s the best part. Imagine this; On your cellular enabled tablet, simply select the download button on the AgEagle RX60 site from your farm management software to generate a geo-referenced prescription map that can be exported to a precision applicator.

See How It Works:

Crop Mapping in Action

Reduce input costs, save time and increase yields. Two systems / choose the one best for your type of wok


The AgEagle was the first cloud processing system to be offered optionaly. While the aircraft captures images, the aircraft communicates with cloud based servers that creates aerial images during flight. This allows the ag professional to conduct ground truthing while in the field.

Superior Service and Support

AgEagle has been in business for over five years.  We stand behind our products and our dealers are there to help our customers.  Whether customers need help with the operation of the aircraft, or with the data – our dealers can help.

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