The AgEagle RX48 is a durable, lightweight and a professional-grade drone. The electric-powered motor is capable of 45 to 50 minutes of flight covering 200 - 300 acres per flight depending upon winds. The RX48 captures aerial NIR /NDVI aerial maps and is an ideal solution for day-to-day image acquisition for precision agriculture growers and agronomists. If you need to map more than 300 acres - no problem! Simply land, swap batteries and continue mapping. It is possible to map a few thousand acres per day with the AgEagle.

Hand launched “Flying Wing”

Other fixed wing drones on the market are manufactured from consumer grade materials that are easily damaged.  They are more like a toy.  When they are damaged – the drone can not fly and you loose valuable time.

The AgEagle RX48 is built “Tractor Tough”.  It features strategically positioned dual layers of polypropylene which protects and adds structural integrity to the airframe.  The wings are stout, with tubular carbon fiber spars tying all components together .

No need for a launcher, just shake shake and release!

See the “Product” page for information about the sensor, flight planning and images

Automatic Flight

The flying and landing is just as easy as the planning because the RX48 flies itself. It automatically launches, flies the scan pattern and lands totally hands free. No need to worry about where to land; Just land the AgEagle in the crop or a grassy area.  To the AgEagle, a wheat, corn or soybean field is like a sea of pillows! It’s made to land in the crops.

$7,950  The best value in aerial precision ag!

Why spend thousands more?  The RX48 is ready to fly and go to work in your ag business.  All you need to supply is an Android tablet and a Botlink subscription.

At $7,950 the AgEagle RX48 is one of the best values in aerial precision agriculture!

The AgEagle RX48 is hand launch-able.

Wind or no wind – it is easy!

No launcher required.

Shake and release!

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