Three drones for precision agriculture

AgEagle features three fixed wing drones specifically designed for precision agriculture.

The RX60 manufactured with aerospace carbon fiber for ``tractor tough`` applications.

The RX48 and RX47 are hand launchable and does not require a launcher.

The RX47 is like the RX48 but without a cellular modem.

RX60 Carbon Fiber “Flying Wing” with launcher

The AgEagle RX60 model is unique.  It is the only agricultural drone that is manufactured with aerospace carbon fiber.  In the drone industry it is called “tractor tough” because it is so rugged and ready for daily farm and field use.


Unlike most other aerial systems, the RX60 AgEagle has an outer hardened carbon fiber shell that can take a beating.  Technology borrowed from the manned aerospace industry, the infused hand laid premium carbon fiber cloth and aerospace epoxies allows the AgEagle to fly for many seasons.

RX48 and RX47 hand launchable “Flying Wings”

The RX48 and RX47 are hand launchable and does not require a launcher.  It has the ability to map 200 – 300 acres per battery charge.  With their compact size, ease of operation and high quality images it will become a standard tool for every precision farmer and busy agronomists.

The RX48 features a cellular modem that transfers images to a cloud based processor during flight while the RX47 does not include the cellular modem.

The sensor is a finely tuned NIR camera that has the ability to create both accurate crop scouting maps as well as prescription maps to maximise nutrients and increased yields.



NIR sensor

Sentera single NIR


  • Designed for agriculture
  • Great for creating prescription maps
  • Combines images with inertial data for accurate maps
  • Both the 2017 models RX60 and RX48 feature the Sentera single sensor
  • 11cm GSD at 400ft

Easy-to-Create Flight Plans

Using an Android tablet, Simply click around the the field your wish to fly and the scan pattern is automatically created.  You can adjust for altitude, path width and other details quickly and easily.

In put the wind direction and the flight plan is automatically created based on wind direction.

Automatic Flight

The flying and landing is just as easy as the planning because the AgEagle fixed wing drones flies themselves. It automatically launches, flies the scan pattern and lands totally hands free. No need to worry about where to land; Just land the AgEagle in the crop or a grassy area.  To the AgEagle, a wheat, corn or soybean field is like a sea of pillows! It’s made to land in the crops.

Crop health image even on partly cloudy days!

The worst conditions for most agricultural drones are in partly cloudy conditions.   AgEagle and Botlink have conquered problems created by shadows from clouds.   Through a unique aerial image processing called NIRX (r) effects from the cloud shadows are removed.  (Click on the images to the left to see sample images of partly cloudy conditions)

If you don’t have time to wait for a sunny  day, AgEagle has got you covered.

One more thing, don’t believe companies who tell you that you can detect crop health accurately with a normal color camera, some call it False NDVI.  Please review this PDF which explains why False NDVI is an industry tail. 

Fast and simple aerial map processing

Flight planning  is done fast and simply with an Android tablet and processing by Botlink.  You choose the method to transfer images from the AgEagle to Botlink for the creation crop health maps.

  1. Non cellular – Post flight simply pop a micro SD card out of the AgEagle and upload them to a Botlink account via any Internet connection.
  2. Instant cellular transfer – Optionally, you may subscribe to an LTE Version data plan that allows the AgEagle to transfer images during flight.

Either option you choose, AgEagle image processing through Botlink is automatic and fast!

Checkout Botlink for subscription options

See How It Works:

Crop Mapping in Action

Reduce input costs, save time and increase yields. Two systems / choose the one best for your type of wok

Superior Service and Support

AgEagle has been in business for nearly five years.  We stand behind our products and our dealers are there to help our customers.  Whether customers need help with the operation of the aircraft, or with the data – our dealers can help.

To learn more about AgEagle and how it can benefit your agribusiness, click the button below.

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