Aerial imagery

We know that there is really no value of the drone itself. The real value in precision agriculture with sUAV's is making use of the aerial imagery. For this reason AgEagle uses only the highest value sensor and image processing systems. Although it requires a drone to take the sensors aloft, our main focus at AgEagle is to simplify the collection of imagery so the information from aerial imagery can optimize nutrients and add increase crop yields.

With real-time, easy to acquire data on crop health, growers can improve yield and reduce input costs daily.

AgEagle aerial systems help growers increase profits by pinpointing areas where nutrients or chemicals need to be applied thus decreasing input costs and increasing yields.  The geo-referenced maps aid customers in fast and precise ground truthing.  By being more efficient, farmers and agronomists save time and money.

Images processing is provided by Botlink.  Fast, simple and accurate aerial maps are created for precision agriculture.

Growers can gather insight on crop health and field conditions faster than any other method available – in less than an hour with the cellular enabled system.  Or, in regions where cellular service is not available, images can be processed by uploading them to the Internet after the flight.

AgEagle will fly approximately 45 to 60 minutes of flight time to capture  NIR (near Infrared) images or NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index) enhanced photos that mimic infrared wavelengths.  The resulting “prescription map” is created quickly in farm managment software, this data is used to control the chemical applicators.

Fast and efficient aerial system built with the grower in mind.


Busy agriculture professionals don’t have a lot of time during the growing season. Instead of spending hours every night processing images, the AgEagle system does all the time consuming work in minutes.  Fly the field, get the images, inspect the field, make your assessment and, if necessary, create a prescription map and never have to leave the field to get the job done.  AgEagle is the best tool a grower ever had.