AgEagle offers “Laser Landing” to improve accuracy of landings

17 Nov AgEagle offers “Laser Landing” to improve accuracy of landings

Neodesha, Kansas. — 11/17/17

AgEagle announced today the option of  “Laser Landing” on their fixed wing agricultural scouting drones.  “The Laser Landing feature helps customers protect their investment..  Our drones have always landed well, but Laser Landing system makes landings more accurate” said Bret Chilcott of AgEagle.  “Even if the landing location is at a different altitude than the launch point, the Laser Landing device makes landings amazingly accurate with a beautiful soft touch down.”


Laser Landing will be offered as an option on both the AgEagle RX48 and the RX60.  Also, existing customers will be able to upgrade their systems to have Laser Landing as well.  .


About AgEagle Aerial Systems

AgEagle Aerial Systems manufactures fixed wing drones for agriculture.  Based in Neodesha, KS, AgEagle is most known for creating the most durable fixed wing drones for the agricultural industry.  More information can be found at

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